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Our Clients

GBCs private equity services are designed for more experienced, financially sophisticated clients who prefer to manage their own portfolio of investments. Within this service we identify and put forward new investment opportunities, based on our research, that we believe best match an investor’s risk profile. At all times, clients can rely on our excellence and discretion, and can maintain control with confidence. Our experts are on hand to offer advice and perspectives to help you make the most informed investment decisions.



We are committed to bringing you the latest news and updates on the companies we invest in and that are listed on our platforms. These insights and commentaries are designed to enable you to keep an eye on your current investments, as well as other new opportunities as they arise. Our newsletters are available to registered members and clients.

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We serve all investors: “accredited” and “non-accredited”

Before you can invest with Green Bull Capital, you must complete an investor suitability questionnaire to determine your status. Upon completion, we will confirm your details with you. 


Sign up is free and there is no obligation to invest.

Accredited investors will be able to invest with no limits. “Accredited investors” are:


Private individuals or legal entities whose income levels exceed €50,000 per year or whose assets are over €100,000, medium or larger enterprises (with assets of one million euros, revenues of two million euros or equity of €300,000) and institutional investors.


Non-accredited investors can invest a maximum of €3,000 per company and a total of €10,000 per year.

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