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About Us

Green Bull Capital was constituted to respond to changes in market trends evident in investment and to take advantage of new and developing market sectors and changes in global business. Our competitive edge comes from our focus on the fastest growing and most lucrative market sectors. GBC is a highly specialized, highly focused Venture Capital and Private Equity firm. We offer a premium service for accredited and non-accredited investors alike.


We recognize that private clients are becoming more sophisticated and are demanding higher levels of individual service. Our response is simple: we offer intelligent products, timely insight and support for every client. We know that our clients are our most important asset, and that's why we deliver access to the kind of investment opportunities that previously were only available to financial institutions.


Green Bull Capital is focused on early stage, rapid-growth companies in the most lucrative sectors. GBC raises capital for Start-ups and for companies at the Seed Capital, Venture Capital, Private Equity stages of growth and does so via crowdfunding and traditional private equity investments.


When you register, you will be contacted by a GBC representative who will confirm your investors status and confirm your information. You can then learn all about the investments we believe have the potential to perform. Whether you invest once a month or once a year, you are an accredited or non-accredited investor, or you invest the maximum or minimum, GBC promises you full access to opportunity.


Our Values


We have a strong belief in the value of building long-term relationships to create, conserve and enhance your wealth. Our clients can expect a pro-active, high quality service, combining traditional values with an entrepreneurial approach to capture the best of today's opportunities. Our core principles of behaving with integrity and honesty underpin the way we operate. We approach things as a team, working together to achieve superior results and striving constantly for improvement.


We believe in:


  • Providing objective advice: we begin with your requirements and use our expertise to create an approach which is tailored to your needs, finding the right solutions through creativity and perseverance.


  • Combining the best of old and new: we bring together traditional values with a modern, entrepreneurial approach to continually strive for superior results and take full advantage of today’s opportunities.


  • Earning trust by delivering what we promise: we build trust by behaving with integrity and honesty, and by constantly striving for excellence in all that we do.


  • Building long-term relationships: we work in partnership with you to establish lasting relationships, and to develop both short-term and long-term solutions.


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