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Venture Capital & Private Equity

Over the last 20 years in the US, venture capital has earned a 30% annualized return on investment with private equity returning 13.5%. Both private equity and venture capital investment outperformed the Stock Market during the same period.

Small Cap companies returned an annualized 9.1% to investors, while the ´Blue Chips´ of the S&P 500 returned only 7.4%. These days, an IPO may be considered as merely an exit strategy for early and late stage private investors, with most of the return on investment having already been made.

Green Bull Capital was constituted to respond to changes in market trends evident in investment and to take advantage of new and developing market sectors and changes in global business. Our competitive edge comes from our focus on the fastest growing and most lucrative market sectors.


GBC is a highly specialized, highly focused Venture Capital & Private Equity firm.

Family Offices

If you represent a single or multi-family office, GBC can dramatically reduce costs associated with your investments.

Our Focus

We focus on companies that have the potential to deliver return on investment because there is real purpose behind the opportunity. We like to build strong relationships with the people we do business with. Believing in a management team is a big part of financing any business or project. As well as talented people, we also like specific sectors, especially those where we have had personal experience and success. We focus on sectors and industries where positive change can deliver maximum returns, technology, healthcare, real estate and renewable energy.


We look for professional people who are building innovative rapid growth businesses, using technology to change, create, or disrupt markets. The new wave of technology development will fundamentally change our world, disrupting all markets, across all sectors.  We invest in businesses that develop software or hardware (AI, VR & AR), leverage the IoT and blockchain implementation to shake up large markets, transform supply chains, create new customer experiences or reduce the cost to sell or serve.


Equity for startup, early stage and established private companies. Raise capital and grow your business in a more efficient and convenient manner.

Our experience in the real estate sector enables us to fully appreciate the needs of developers and we offer funding solutions that allow you to get on with your business.

We support companies with renewable energy projects that have the potential to deliver sustainable growth and substantial return on investment.

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